Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heeeeeeere's WILSON!

Wade Wilson that is...

Here's a a small walk-through of a commission I recently did.

Pencils+ Composition
When I was figuring out the pose an composition of the piece I really struggled. The client really wanted The Merc to look pretty awesome and so did I. I mean he's Motha****ing Deadpool for *bleep*sakes!

I finally tapped down a pose and perspective a liked. I began adding the elements in the Background I drew them free hand... big oops. I should've used a ruler and used perspective lines. That proved to be a real time consumer.
The inks process was pretty straightforward. I a few new things when I was inking Deadpool. Since I use markers and not brushes and quills (which I really want to use) I tried giving deadpool that brushstroke feel with the markers. I think it came out well.
Here's where a lot of playing comes in. I really wanted to have good color composition in this one. On e that makes Deadpool pop-out but at the same time harmonize with the surrounding atmosphere. Let's just say my first try wasn't the bang on the nail.

Blue and Red can be colors that clash a lot if not used in the correct tones in my opinion. When I finished this one I wasn't too happy with it. Deadpool didn't pop out as much as I wanted. I really wanted for the blue in the image to give it a cold atmosphere but the blue used in this one enhanced the warmness of the colors used in the foreground. So I opted to change the blue tone in the Background for...

... for a green-ish atmosphere which will help out bring out the foreground in a more successful way.

and voila!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little walk through!

Take Care!

Tomorrow I'm moving to the states. Wish me Luck!!

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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough, very cool seeing how you get it done! Good luck with the move buddy, I'll drop you a line when you get there, there's a few things I'd love to run past you...