Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Site!!!

Hello Everyone!

I have a new website All updates will from now on be on the new website.

This blog will updated only if it's reallyreallyreallyreally important.

Take Care!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update Time!


Time for a much needed update! I graduated SCAD, looking for a job and house, Work on a good gig earlier this year, and I'm coloring a book of a friend of mine. There... pretty quick update. Let's get to the art.

Here's a sample of the book I'm working on with my friend Ian McGinty.

and here's my latest piece:

You can find more stuff art in my DA page.

-Take Care

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Green Lantern- Test Pages

Here are some pages I did for class. I may show these to editors. Hope you guys enjoy!

Go to my DeviatArt for full view

Thursday, August 26, 2010

War for Cybertron FEVER

Hi Everyone,

I'm not the most punctual updater but from time to time you'll get something. Today I'm here to show you my latest piece called Iacon's Last Stand.

*Image moved to the bottom of the post for a more dramatic reveal >_>...

This piece was inspired by my many month without a Transformers drawing and a platonic love with the video game War for Cybertron (platonic because I won't get to play it any time soon). From the many videos I watched on youtube from the game, I got a pretty good feel for the atmosphere in it, and of course I wanted to illustrate it in some form.

I'm also gonna share some of the process on the piece:

I started with a small thumbnail, no bigger than 5x3, in which sketched out a small composition of the illustration. This is always a good point to start a piece because many compositional problem can be resolved at this stage.

After that I started to work on the pencils. I made sure i kept the same proportions as in the thumbnail, because the composition could get screwed up. The thumbnail is in proportion to a comic art board, but I wasn't gonna draw it in one. I put the proportions int he 8 x10 page and started digging on the page.

I kept the pencils pretty light since the piece was going straight to inks. I wanted to ink this with brush and quills, but many problems arise, including the the paper not being able to hold quills and the condition of my materials (FAIL). I had to 95% percent of the piece with markers wish I'm not that fond of anymore, but I guess they get the job done.

Now my most anticipated part of the process... COLORING THE 7#^73R!! FOr this piece I really wanted to nail the color theory and create a good balance and atmosphere in it. I was seeing a lot War For Cybertron concept art also looking at Espen Grundetjern color palettes.

I always begin coloring from back to front so I can create the mood in the back and later is just easier to apply it to the figures. Being such a fan of concept art I began the coloring by trying to color in gray scale and later applying the colors....umm let's say that was a failure.

The colors were not getting the right contrast and not popping like I wanted them to, Needless to say I scratched that technique (which someday I'll master...maybe) and began from scratch. I started from colors and was able to create good combinations and contrasts. The figures were pretty simple to color after I got the hang of the background. Prime was the hardest to get to blend into the cool foreground atmosphere. Surprisingly his RED wasn't the one that gave a harder time... It was the BLUE. I got the hang of the red on the cool atmosphere when I realize that if you desaturate it, it blends in quite well. That applies to all warm colors on cool atmosphere and vise versa. The blue I was using was a warmer tone and I didn't realize this until I uploaded the file EVERYWHERE. After I realized that I quickly change the hues on primes blue, aiming for a cooler tone and VOILA now my eyes are at peace.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little walk-through.

Take Care,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Allspark Almanac 2 out this Wednesday the 30th!!


It's been a while since I updated this not-so bad boy... More content coming soon

Just a reminder to you guys that the Transformers Animated: Allspark Almanac 2 is coming out this Wednesday the 30th!

Once again I was fortunate to work with Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster for Round 2 of Animated Goodness! I got the chance to design a couple of characters (hopefully they made the final cut haha) and of course color some cool production art, amongst other things!

If you still need your TF Animated fix? This is the book to get!

Take Care

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LIfe at SCAD

Hey everyone,

It's time for a way overdue update. As some of you know I'm currently attending SCAD for my graduate program. Around 2 weeks ago i finished my first quarter there and I gotta say I loved it. This was my first time living on my own (minus the roomates). It felt good being on my own and getting more responsabilities (sounds weird, I know!)

I went to SCAD for the Sequentail Arts program to learn some of the foundations I still feel I need to learn and I gotta say it wasn't a waste. I felt I learned a lot in this quarter. I now just need to find time and put to practice what I learned. The school is full of wonderful resources even comic book library!

There were also activities like the comic arts forum, where professionals in the industry came to give advice, portfolio reviews and workshops. Legends like Mark Schultz were present at the activity. I got the opportunity to be reviewed by Marvel Artist Paolo Rivera and SCAD Alumni Robert Atkins (G.I. Joe). Getting that review was one of the most insightful things of all quarter. Robert had a ful bag of tips and advice and of top of all he's one heck of a guy.

Overall, my first quarter was a successful one.

I also had some upgrades in my work space.

A bigger table is always a plus. If you guys are interested in the stuff I was able to do during the semester check out my DA gallery regularly for updates.

I'll be going back to Savannah at the beginning of January to start my next quarter. Currently I'm working on some stuff. I'll be keeping you guys updated.

Take Care,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heeeeeeere's WILSON!

Wade Wilson that is...

Here's a a small walk-through of a commission I recently did.

Pencils+ Composition
When I was figuring out the pose an composition of the piece I really struggled. The client really wanted The Merc to look pretty awesome and so did I. I mean he's Motha****ing Deadpool for *bleep*sakes!

I finally tapped down a pose and perspective a liked. I began adding the elements in the Background I drew them free hand... big oops. I should've used a ruler and used perspective lines. That proved to be a real time consumer.
The inks process was pretty straightforward. I a few new things when I was inking Deadpool. Since I use markers and not brushes and quills (which I really want to use) I tried giving deadpool that brushstroke feel with the markers. I think it came out well.
Here's where a lot of playing comes in. I really wanted to have good color composition in this one. On e that makes Deadpool pop-out but at the same time harmonize with the surrounding atmosphere. Let's just say my first try wasn't the bang on the nail.

Blue and Red can be colors that clash a lot if not used in the correct tones in my opinion. When I finished this one I wasn't too happy with it. Deadpool didn't pop out as much as I wanted. I really wanted for the blue in the image to give it a cold atmosphere but the blue used in this one enhanced the warmness of the colors used in the foreground. So I opted to change the blue tone in the Background for...

... for a green-ish atmosphere which will help out bring out the foreground in a more successful way.

and voila!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little walk through!

Take Care!

Tomorrow I'm moving to the states. Wish me Luck!!