Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heeeeeeere's WILSON!

Wade Wilson that is...

Here's a a small walk-through of a commission I recently did.

Pencils+ Composition
When I was figuring out the pose an composition of the piece I really struggled. The client really wanted The Merc to look pretty awesome and so did I. I mean he's Motha****ing Deadpool for *bleep*sakes!

I finally tapped down a pose and perspective a liked. I began adding the elements in the Background I drew them free hand... big oops. I should've used a ruler and used perspective lines. That proved to be a real time consumer.
The inks process was pretty straightforward. I a few new things when I was inking Deadpool. Since I use markers and not brushes and quills (which I really want to use) I tried giving deadpool that brushstroke feel with the markers. I think it came out well.
Here's where a lot of playing comes in. I really wanted to have good color composition in this one. On e that makes Deadpool pop-out but at the same time harmonize with the surrounding atmosphere. Let's just say my first try wasn't the bang on the nail.

Blue and Red can be colors that clash a lot if not used in the correct tones in my opinion. When I finished this one I wasn't too happy with it. Deadpool didn't pop out as much as I wanted. I really wanted for the blue in the image to give it a cold atmosphere but the blue used in this one enhanced the warmness of the colors used in the foreground. So I opted to change the blue tone in the Background for...

... for a green-ish atmosphere which will help out bring out the foreground in a more successful way.

and voila!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little walk through!

Take Care!

Tomorrow I'm moving to the states. Wish me Luck!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transformers Animated: Allspark Almanac is out!

Hi Everyone!

Can't tell you how excited I am. For starters this is gonna be a comprehensive guide and behind the scenes book to a series that was a new refreshing amazing chapter on the Transformers Franchise, Transformers Animated. This book was written by Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster, who previously both worked on Transformers: The Ark Volume 1 and 2. These guys really put a lot of hard work into the making of these books and they aim to please! This book should definitely fill up your Transformers Animated appetite.

Here's a description of the book:
"The AllSpark Almanac is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind atlas to the amazing Animated universe. Discover behind-the-scenes secrets directly from the show's creators. This volume is packed with over 200 pages of full-color bios, character models, episode summaries, interviews, and more."

The other reason why this is pretty special thing is because this will mark my first published work. Back last year I helped out coloring character design sheets and some other fun stuff! Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come. Can't wait to run out and search for this baby!

Hopefully in the future I might be able to put something that was cut from the book. You can find a couple of images that were that I colored at Jim's blog.

Anyways guys go get the book here or at your local book and comic store! If you're a fan of Transformers Animated you won't be disappointed!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drawing Tutorial: Movie-verse Ironhide's Head

Hi Guys!

Here's a small tutorial requested by someone at DeviantArt.

Hope you guys get get something out of it.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

TFW2005 Contest- Design Process PROWL

Hi Guys,

For those of you who follow me at my DeviantArt page
you'll know I posted my entry for the TFW2005 Design a Transformer Contest with Josh Nizzi. Well you don't actually get to design a Transformer with Josh Nizzi, but the contest is hosted by him and you get some sweet prizes. The contest consisted on designing a TF that could possibly fit for Transformers 3. We'll I decided to go with Prowl. Hey! we need a strict hard-ass in the autobot team.

The first thing I did was look for an alt mode. A few days before my dad told me about the
Ford Mustang Giugiaro, and when I remebered it I said "That's it!"
For the design of Prowl himself I decided to try a technique I haven't tried before. I started drawing some silhouettes of what the shape of the bot may be. I chose 2 silhouettes out of 4. Then after that I began using a lighter tone to draw in elements of the bot. I followed that step with shading and adding highlights to them. Here's a peek at the two finalist plus the losers.

I decided to go with contestant C. I then redesigned some elements and added from contestant B. One of the most important elements of the design is the head. It has to have character and I wanted to have some nods to Generation 1 Prowl. I employed the same technique I used on the body. When I see the Transformers used in the film I see some animal influence on them (i.e. Ratchet=Walrus, Ironhide=Bull). Now Prowl needed a very noble and serious look and I thought the Lion/Tiger fits those characteristics.

Preliminary Prowl Design

I submitted this image on the Tfw2005 boards to get some feedback on the design. A couple of people disliked the feet and wanted shoulder cannons. I also didn't liked the feet and Prowl definitely needed weapons. So I went ahead a redesigned the feet and hands (which I wasn't content with either). I also added the shoulder cannons because I felt they fitted so well with the back design I did. Since Evry autobot in the film seems to have a particular Melee weapon... Prowl needed one too. Of course Prowl is a police car so he needs a night Stick/Tonfa, that also converts into a nunchuck and a harpoon.

Final Entry
Anyways wish me luck on the contest. Lots of great entries in it. Finalist will be announced on August 7th and then voting will commence. Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at my entry for the contest.

Take Care!